Cycling shorts; is this trend here to stay?

Summer 2018, and cycling shorts were being styled and worn everywhere!  Celebrities were wearing them, models were wearing them and our instagram feeds were filled with pictures of people posing in them.  But it is 2019 now!  Are they still going to be as popular this summer?  Who knows?  I’d love to hear your ideas on this subject!

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Christmas 2018!

I am writing this on Boxing Day evening after an amazing Christmas full of food, family and laughter.  Christmas Dinner was wonderful and I was treated extremely well!  I received things this year that I would have never dreamed of and enjoyed giving to my family just as much.

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My new Cath Kidston bag

The start of a new school year is on the horizon, which I am not overly looking forward to, however, one thing that makes this event bearable is shopping for new gear! Eg: new bag, pencil case, water bottle etc.  Last week I am came across this stunner of a bag and after much consideration and thought, I decided to purchase the Cath Kidston London Toile Pandora bag in large.

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When life gives you lemons, wear a yellow coloured outfit!

It’s hot, the sun is shining…..which means it’s the perfect opportunity to bring some yellow in to your wardrobe. I personally love the colour yellow as I find it portrays happiness and joy. Many people find yellow a hard colour to style and are put off by how bold and ‘statement’ it looks. Don’t be afraid, it doesn’t have to! I have put together a few outfits which include pieces that are yellow but not so much that you are a magnet for bugs!

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My opinion on the Dior Saddle bag

Thought that saddle bags were once a thing which now isn’t?  Well that isn’t the case anymore as the iconic Christian Dior saddle bags have made there way back to the shelves.  Making their first appearance in 1999 in Paris (where else) they were a massive success and were sold out before the blink of an eye.  However the trend had disappeared into the shadows by 2008 never to be seen again…

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How to style a suit

Image result for women in suits checkered emma watsonSuits can seem quite scary for some people, for years only men were thought to be able wear a suit. But this is the 21st century people!  The fact that women can wear these pieces, and do anything a man can do, is becoming more widely adopted.  You may be put off by suits as you see them very masculine and too smart.  However, I have given a few options of how you can make them more feminine and stylish!

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