My new Cath Kidston bag

The start of a new school year is on the horizon, which I am not overly looking forward to, however, one thing that makes this event bearable is shopping for new gear! Eg: new bag, pencil case, water bottle etc.  Last week I am came across this stunner of a bag and after much consideration and thought, I decided to purchase the Cath Kidston London Toile Pandora bag in large.

As soon as I saw it I knew it would prove to be a great school bag for many reasons:

  1. It is wipe-able which means any drinks or food spilt on this bag will not stain and could be removed easily which also meant it would keep its condition for longer.
  2. The bag is very spacious which means there will be plenty of room for any thing you may need. In my case that means books, pencil case, water bottle, lunch etc.
  3. Finally the straps are reasonably large and made comfier by padding to the part of the strap which sits on your shoulder, easier to hold and not so back-breaking. thLCNRJH7ULink to the bag!

This bag cost me £30.00, and I think it’s definitely worth the money.  It may not be designer but I wouldn’t dream of bringing some form of designer bag to school.

I absolutely love the design of this bag, based around London featuring landmarks like Big Ben and the London Eye. I find it very modern but also reflective of Cath Kidston’s iconic vintage style.

I really recommend this bag for school, but it could work as a baby bag, or just a handbag!  Whatever suits you.

What am I a wearing in this photo?


64b57e08-b1f6-46bf-807f-4edf8b1b33f1-1Blazer: I am not able to find this exact blazer as I picked it up in TKMax a while back and haven’t seen it since. So I have linked something similar.

However the blazer I an wearing is from Arabella and Addison in case you want to check out their brand as its pretty amazing.

T-shirt: unfortunately the exact t-shirt I am wearing in this picture is out of stock but they do have it in another colourway.

Jeans: are actually from Primark which you can not purchase online however I have linked a very similar pair.








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