My opinion on the Dior Saddle bag

Thought that saddle bags were once a thing which now isn’t?  Well that isn’t the case anymore as the iconic Christian Dior saddle bags have made there way back to the shelves.  Making their first appearance in 1999 in Paris (where else) they were a massive success and were sold out before the blink of an eye.  However the trend had disappeared into the shadows by 2008 never to be seen again…

Here we are 2018, and Dior Saddle bags are back in the shops with more designs then ever before.   And here are some of them:







So now to my opinion. For one I would just like to congratulate Dior for creating this stunning bag, it truly is incredible.  And how every detail is sharp and on point from  every C to D (get it).

However, I  am aware that the size of these bags can be quite misleading as look relatively big because of the design.But inside it is not as spacious as it may seem.

In addition, I love that you can buy straps to attach to this bag always so detailed and delicate.1530198223_S8520CNEP_M911_E01_Z






To finish well-done Dior for recreating this well known style of bag and making it even better then before. Which I  didn’t think was possible!



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