How to style a suit

Image result for women in suits checkered emma watsonSuits can seem quite scary for some people, for years only men were thought to be able wear a suit. But this is the 21st century people!  The fact that women can wear these pieces, and do anything a man can do, is becoming more widely adopted.  You may be put off by suits as you see them very masculine and too smart.  However, I have given a few options of how you can make them more feminine and stylish!


Any outfit can be enhanced by a pair of shoes, whether there flats or heels it can add class and style.  But to truly add purzazz’ to a suit you need think about colour and tailoring.  A sleek, smart suit would imply a pointed more sophisticated shoe whereas a more chilled, dressed down suit may fit with more playful shoe’s or even a trainer.  A dark black suit normally works well with an amazing red heel or flat, I find it a iconic, powerful and feminine outfit.  However with bright and vibrant suits they can  be made fabulous with a black or white shoe, so you stand out from the crowd.

  • Lipstick

Add a  lipstick to set the mood of your outfit, from red to yellow to pink it really is the cherry on the cake.  But what suit goes with what lip?  Go for it, be bold!  what better than to brighten up a dull outfit with a powerful lip. As always black looks amazing with red, however black also rocks with a variety of different colours. Bright pink neon orange and purple all would pair very nicely with a black suit. Furthermore a colourful blazer may work with more of a nude or suttle lip,

  • Hair

Whatever you want!

However a low pony which is slick and sharp can make your outfit a whole lot more sophisticated!

I hope this gives you some inspo on how to ROCK a suit!


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