Christmas 2018!

I am writing this on Boxing Day evening after an amazing Christmas full of food, family and laughter.  Christmas Dinner was wonderful and I was treated extremely well!  I received things this year that I would have never dreamed of and enjoyed giving to my family just as much.

Before I begin to tell you what I got this year I want wish you a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

My new laptop!

This year I was very lucky to receive a MacBook (an Apple laptop) which I am writing to you on now.  I screamed as I unwrapped this present, I could never imagined I would get a MacBook!  I am extremely grateful and hope that this device will help me bring more blogs to your screens quicker and easier as I have been a little quiet recently.  My MacBook is in the colourway white and I am in love with it, I hope to keep it as clean as it is currently which means no snacking over it!

My new bag!


Yet again I was treated by being gifted with a Armani bag.  Yes that’s right!  A-R-M-A-N-I!  It is a medium-sized cross over body bag in a deep, luxurious navy blue.  I adore how wearable it is and is also of a reasonable size.  I am able to fit my phone, purse, rollerball and lip balm in it.  I have styled it with a pair of checkered trousers, Paris t-shirt (both from Topshop) and…

My new shoes!

High Tops by Vans

I was also surprised to a pair of a oldschool Vans, they are suede and high-tops in a tanned colour with white features.  I have been looking for a pair of trainers which go with absolutely everything. When I found these I instantly fell in love because of how wearable they are and vintage.

My new purse!

I feel very lucky to have been able to unwrap a Radley purse, it is in a gorgeous blush pink and leather with an almost beetroot purple inside.  I love Radley as a brand, everything being so timeless and delicate.

My new perfume.

Also, I got a Vivienne Westwood perfume which I am obsessed with!  It’s name is Cheeky Alice which includes notes of peony and rose and a base of wood and musk. It is quite an intense scent, however, it remains fresh and elegant in keeping with the brand. I believe it is wearable throughout  all seasons and is in a beautiful bottle too, so it looks great in my room.

My new Lush gift set.

Furthermore, I was very lucky to receive a Christmas Lush gift set which are always the best gifts sets made by Lush.  I got the Night before Christmas set, wrapped to perfection in Santa Paper with a gold ribbon enticing the gift.  This specific set comes with a shoot for the Stars and Golden Wonder bath bomb.  I haven’t tried them yet but will report back as soon as I do!

All in all I am very grateful for everything I received and hope you had a very merry Christmas too!



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