Luxury for cheap!

You stand there starring into the shop window , eyes mesmerised, mind in a ultimate trance, you’re unable to carry on with your day, it’s just too perfect to leave. We’ve all been there.  Falling in love for an item way out of your budget.  I remember scrolling through Instagram one evening and stumbling upon a tande Chanel bag that ultimately took my breath way.  I know as soon as I am in the financial position to buy this bag, I will!  However, it doesn’t always have to break the bank, you can dress just as expensive without totally screwing your life savings!

Here are 4 examples of items I dream about, and 4 for a better price…

  1. This beautiful tailored trench coat, a 100% must have for anyones autumn/winter wardrobe.  This beauty is Ted Baker and retails at £259, not quite the price I was hoping for.  But they do say quality over quantity right?
















A cheaper alternative perhaps?


Now thats better, £23.50 a equally stunning camel trench coat from a brand called Stadivarius that I found on ASOS.  What a steal!











I have always dreamt about owning a Chanel Tweed set and maybe one day I will but for now I will settle for something a little lower on the price hierarchy and when they look just as good why not save yourself a few coin for all that other unnecessary stuff we need!



















Not to worry…

I have never shopped on SHEIN but I wandered onto their web page and came to the discovery that they do amazing Chanel dupes and have a huge range of tweed from blazers and skirts to even dresses and pinafores.  My favourite piece was this white tweed dress with a pussy bow and a fraud collar.  Costing only £18.99 I thought it was amazing!







This gorgeous blouse from Caroline Herrera which I found on Mythersea is to die for and a shirt is a must have for autumn, however unfortunately it retails at the whopping price of £1,009.  So maybe not?  But I think I may have found an alternative, however can anything really compare!






This blouse may not be an exact replica but that said it seems to be of high quality and looks very smart.  It is from New Look and is £17.99.  The only differences is that this one seems to be cropped and has puffy sleeves. But I still think it will look a million pounds on!








This beauty is from Saint Laurent and ranges at around £1,300!  It would be a dream come true for me to ever own this bag…




but for now I think I will stick with the amazing dupe your’e about to see…




This beauty is from Dune and sold at Debenhams, it’s quite gorgeous and a great dupe if I do say so myself!  A great price also, retailing at £44.00.






I would love to know your luxury wishlist and whether you enjoyed scrolling through mine.  Be sure to comment what you would love to read on my blog in the future and what content you look for?






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