Instagram: who to follow?


Instagram has changed the way in which we live and experience our lives and I am here for it! Who knew I would care enough to see what someone was eating for breakfast but apparently its normal now to take a photo of your food before devouring it!  Since Instagram has taken such a hold on most people’s lives I felt it only right to share a selection of my favourite influencers.

Alexa Chung 

I love everything Alexa does, the journalist, model, author, TV host, Youtuber, fashion icon and designer for her own fashion brand.  What else could Alexa add to her list!  I am currently reading her book IT a collection of her personal photographs and a more behind the scene look on her interests and hobbies.  I had great expectations and the book certainly lived up to them.


3.8 million followers


Why should you follower her?

You should follow Alexa Chung to keep update with her amazing career and gorgeous photography.



Leonie Hanne 

Leonie is a German fashion influencer, blogger, model, stylist, social media consultant and founder of a blog talking about fashion, designers and all things beauty.


2.1 million followers


Why should you follow her?

You should follow Leonie Hanne because she is such an inspiration to women allowing them to realise the fact that anything is possible and that dreams do come true when backed up by hard work and determination.




Aka Victoria Magrath British blogger, author and Youtuber is killing the Instagram game currently, the quality of her posts are incredible and her taste in fashion is on a whole new level. Victoria’s book The New Fashion Rules is also worth a read!

Inthefrow DIARY Influencer interview 2018 2(1)

888 thousand followers


Why should you follow Victoria ?

You should follow Victoria to see some amazing photos gracing your feed!



Chiara Ferragni

Chiara is a Italian blogger, fashion designer, influencer and entrepreneur.  Making her first impact on the Internet with her blog theblondesalad, she now has a documentary about her life and childhood on Amazon Prime informing what it is like to constantly be in the public eye.34983644_235753667027591_6715218016251936768_n

18.7 million followers


Why should you follow Chiara?

You should follow Chiara because I believe she has a really kind, extremely intelligent and super business savy!



Do you have an Instagram account?

Whose your favourite influencer?

Leave your answers in the comments below and feel free to follow me on my Instagram too stylewithvivienne.







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