This months Vogue magazine!

This month’s volume was a real wildcard, bringing new models and story’s to this month’s issue.img_1918-1Firstly, Vogue kicked it off with a front cover which included a variety of models from different religions, sizes, backgrounds, this may have been a bigstep for Vogue and yet it showed, and encourages, socialequality and acceptance. Complimenting each other through khaki green, nudes and browns. Looking determined and powerful, they showed strength in their diversity! An inspirational cover!

The j’adore in joy, is the new Dior scent for women. Vogue featured a sample of this perfume in this month’s copy. So of course I had to tryitout! I found it very mature and rich, however the intensity of the scent tended to fade and moderate nicely after a couple of minutes. To me, it showed the side of Dior that is a feminist; giving women a scent to wear that portrays them as fighters, strong and unforgettable.

img_1919-1All through this month’s copy brands were showcasing colour and vibrancy. Yellows and bright pinks definitely seem to be on trend. Designers like, EmiliaWicksted and CarolinaHerrera were included in this month’s volume both showcasing bright yellow dresses.




To conclude, I really enjoyed reading this month’s Voguemagazine.


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