My 5 top tips for relaxation

Has it been a long day? A hard day at work? Has school been difficult? Then it’s time to relax! Here are my 5 ways to making sure you’re refreshed and ready for the next day!1. Run a nice, warm bath.


This should relieve stress and tension.  Fill it with some of your favourite bath products to make it even more enjoyable, some of my favourites are fromSoap and Glory. Always moisturising and luxurious, it could bring so much to your bath and why not add a bath bomb? The Lush Twilight bath bomb is divine with sweet scents of lavender to relax and calm your body.

2. Get into your cosy clothes.

There’s nothing better then getting in your cosies, snuggling up and having a chill is there? So why not do it in style? The grey brushed jersey satin tie pyjama set from New Look is comfy yet fashionable. Definitely the perfect outfit for a cosy evening!

3. Make your self a nice drink.

Whether hot drinks are your style or cold, there’s nothing better then a refreshing, thirst quenching drink to relax with. A personal favourite of mine is a good mug of hot chocolate, creamy and delicious, you can’t beat it. Why not try out Cadbury’s hot chocolate as it is a winner in my family!

4. Binge watch all your favourite movies and TV shows.

Get comfortable, wrap up in your duvet and get ready to watch aImage result for princess diaries marathon of shows.  From block busters to rom-com, there are endless options to find the perfect show for you. I could watch Princess Diaries (the film) over and over again. Hilarious and magical, it’s a story of a girl who finds out she has royal blood and that one day she will be queen of Genovia.

5.   Take care of your face.

Do you want to feel fresh and awake? Nothing is better then a good cleansing face wash, to wash the day off? Why not try Garnier’s new sheet mask’s moisturising and rehydrating. The perfect treat for your skin!

So all that’s left to do is get relaxing, however you do it…… I’m just going to go and watch Princess Diaries again.


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