This month’s Glamour magazine!

I have been loving this month’s Glamour magazine; filled with examples of style and fashion. From bold and distinctive gothic looks to wanting to rock a red lip!  The options were endless, this week’s volume was a real page turner!I particularly loved how Glamour has shaken their magazine ZoellaCoverup a bit, changing the main focus away from just ‘beauty’, instead it is also explored why we decide to use it/wear it and how it makes us feel.  They tried to get across to be people that you should be happy with who you are and how you shouldn’t feel like you have to cover up any of your imperfections.  I felt that this was summed up best in a quote featured in this volume;

“Beauty is about being at peace with who you are.”

I also really enjoyed hearing about this month’s guest opinions on makeup, hair and way more. I found Zoella particularly open about her anxiety, which I loved, and how she has turned to weekly sessions with a therapist to help.  This would inspire many people to be open about their problems and how seeing someone to help you could majorly improve your life.  She truly is a inspirational women.

bright1Another guest which caught my attention was Patricia Bright and how she opened a business school for bloggers.  Something I had never come across yet thought it sounded like a great opportunity for anyone who wanted to gain more knowledge from someone who definitely knows their stuff!  She also talked about gaining popularity and how it can cause hate and nasty comments from some viewers.

“The more popular you are, the more hate you get…It’s like, ‘oh no, I’m trending here comes racism”

There was multiple new beauty products advertised in this week’s volume but the one that caught my eye the most was the new Argan oil shampoo and conditioner by Garnier. Perfect for dry dull hair, this hair duo is a must have.  Enriching Argan oil has been around for thousand of years is hand picked by Berber women, if that wasn’t enough Garnier make sure all of there workers earn a Fair Trade and have a safe work place.  All of Garnier’s empty bottles can be recycled instead of being sent to landfill.  What an amazing brand!

To conclude, I really enjoyed reading this month’s volume of Glamour and it is definitely worth a look!

Click here to visit their site.

To read more about the amazing Berber Women of Morocco who extract the Argon Oil and benefit from Fair Trade cooperatives, click here.


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